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That glimpse of a second when everything is perfect – that’s what photography is about. At least if you ask me.

To me, perfection is when every detail is orchestrated by the team, when we have control and can create what we’ve set out to do. I see myself as a craftsman; making clients’ visions come true is what I strive for.

Taking small steps in the right direction has always been my way of life. I believe in evolution, not in revolution. I like to focus on what I see, to keep it clean and without unnecessary details. And most of all, I like to bring life to things and people.



ABSOLUT VODKA || AEG || Audiopro || Electrolux || Kahlùa || Malibu Rum || Pernod Ricard || Zanuzzi || Zeta || Wyborowa || 


Gourmet || Restaurangvärlden  || ICA Buffé || Mat & Vänner || 

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